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Based on FMU policies guidelines, CV Bioenergy aims to get a Forest Stewardship Certificate (FSC). FSC main concern is to assurance of quality of forest management, these are included to ensure forest healthy, maintaining biodiversity and functional ecosystem. In order to achieve FSC certificate, CV Bioenergy is currently working the program design;


  • The precision Forestry Management exercise the valued the forest reserve and assets, and regonization of forest preserve to global regionalization on products and implementation. CV Bionergy aims to share the precision value of forest rehabilitation and ecological, the program design adopts the community forestry development program. These are to ensure healthy forest are passed on future generations.


  • To achieve high grade of food safety with an unique traceability system, each specific fruit tree will owned an unique identity in CV Bioenergy data bank from the day one of seedling, cultivation until harvesting, the identification has been logged and been monitored, the identity with open access code for buyers reference.



  • Specific species of fruit that CV Bioenergy had choose is not only a commodity product but also it rich with protein and a healthy product. CV Bioenergy also have do a market research on the specific product that they have choose, evidently the specific species that they had choose is high demand in a market today.


  • CV Bioenergy decided to a make a communities service, these communities service would be include the education, skill and training for all people who living in the forest as a workers (non-permanent residence) or local communities (permanents residence), so that they can be exposed to the outside world even though they live far from urban life. These program would help a lot to make a clear and harmonies relationship between the stakeholders and local communities so that everything will be run smoothly.


  • To build a nursery facilities to do some Research study programs, these program will be carried out from time to time, and these type of programs is to improve sustainable forest management techniques and integration of agro forestry for social development.