CV Bioenergy main aims are to maintain biodiversity and ecosystem function

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Based on FMU policies guidelines, CV Bioenergy aims to get a Forest Stewardship Certificate (FSC)

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CV Bioenergy Eco Global Sdn Bhd was formed by environmental recycle of resource group in Malaysia. The environmental protection and sustain of forestry management on rehabilitation of forest resource. The corporation outlet to green energy, eco global balance, in execution of a sight for reducing of global warming. This company expect to collaborate with the local government and aboriginal Kadazan-Dusun group, and together the company will follow the laws of nature and the principles of preserving the biodiversity of multiple forest landscapes in Sabah, Malaysia. Based on the FMU guidelines, the company adopt the integrate multi species of integration multi species planting Durian, Olive, Tong oil and Breadfruit trees also other environment-friendly perennial plants for compensatory restoration purpose.

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